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So I finally watched the music video to a song I liked for a long time, Garbage's "Cherry Lips", and I think those of us with an invisibility kink would appreciate it, especially those of us who like all of the Five (watch the video closely, and the ending will match the lyrics very well). If you don't like surprises, spoiler: the really sexy invisible girl doing the strip dance with the gloves and the boots and the invisible masturbating, is a sexy invisible boy, "Because you looked just like a girl / Your baby blues would flash / And suddenly a spell was cast"

Invisible Fic Recs: The Five: Ten Kisses by icarus_chained...there was just one short bit in which Nigel was Invisible and Therefore Naked while in public in a way that is kinky, but there are a few others, like the Nigel/John one, that is very sweet. A Tale From the Past by shadadukal is a gen remix of a poem about the time they caught the snark, but it has the Nikola being very aware of Nigel while he's invisible kink (sequel sequel plz!). Most definitely, The Art of A Tease by icarus_chained, in which Nigel distracts Nikola withi a few things he learned from Burlesque.
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